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What About Those Sinners?

This is week 5 of Lent. Today, we are thinking about sins, both our own, and those of others around us. The two scriptures today are: Luke 15:11-32, which you might remember as the story of the Prodigal Son, and James 5:16-20.

I want you to remember two things today. First, that God will forgive us when we do something wrong, and second, that we are supposed to forgive other people when they do wrong things to us. It is human to be upset with people, and it is also human to make mistakes, but Jesus has shown us a better way. As we go through this week, let's remember to forgive each other, and also to ask God and other people for forgiveness when we do something wrong.

Here's an online jigsaw puzzle you can try! Prodigal Son puzzle


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