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Storm King Art Center Trip

What a beautiful day, in a beautiful place! Storm King Art Center

Last Saturday, the Second Baptist Church congregation took a group trip to the Storm King Art Center in Cornwall, New York. We were a little concerned about the weather, as we've had a really wintry spring here, but it turned out to be a beautiful day!

We spent most of the day walking around the grounds, and still didn't see everything. As you can see in the photo above, the sculptures are massive! It is hard to imagine how they were built, and how they were transported to the art center afterward!

The grounds are just as enjoyable as the sculptures. Meandering paths take you from lawn to woods, and the hills beckon you to see what is on the other side. There is a lovely pond where we met a few new friends (Check out our Gallery page for more photos)! You are free to walk through the grass, or if you're more into relaxation, you can take a tram ride for a sit-down tour of the entire center.

You may wonder why "church people" would be interested in modern art. Well, we are part of this world, and we serve the God who created everyone, and gave these artists their tremendous gifts. As Christians, we can appreciate the creativity of our God, as well as the creativity of his people. One of the most amazing things during the day happened just as we were walking back to our cars to go home. It had been a rather breezy day, but all of a sudden we heard a roaring sound. We looked over, and a single group of trees was whipping around in the wind. As we watched, this wind turned into a baby tornado, moving right past us over the road, and whirling up the dust until it ran into a group of bushes and completely stopped. It was as if God was saying "You think the sculptors are amazing? None of them can do what I can do!" Point taken, God!


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