Sunday School!

Our focus in all of our Christian Education classes is for children, teens and adults to be able to read the scriptures for themselves, and to understand what they are reading.  We believe that this helps people to grow toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Children's church is available for pre-school through 4th grade during the sermon in the Morning Worship Service.  Our focus for younger children is to give them an introduction to the Bible through Bible Stories, crafts, and games.  This class is held during the sermon in the Morning Worship Service in order to give the children a chance to learn about Jesus on their own level.  They spend the rest of the Worship Service with their parents, because they are also a vital part of our congregation, and we welcome them to worship with us.

Youth Sunday school is held the 1st and 3rd Sundays, after the morning Worship Service.  This class is for middle and high school students.  These students are challenged to understand the scriptures on a deeper level.  Scriptures are read, discussed, and applied to their lives.  This class is about 2 hours long, and also includes time for socialization, snacks, games, and sometimes a movie or service project.  Class content is planned by our Sunday School teachers, and additional activities are chosen by the class.